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Tigusart is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting artistic creativity and personal development through the technique of free expression in visual arts.

We teach a technique of free expression in visual arts, which allows people to develop their sense of creativity. Through this method of expression, individuals of all ages can learn to understand and appreciate themselves. It also teaches a unique approach to problem solving that could be a valuable tool for the growth and well being of the individual, the family and the community.

At Tigusart, creativity is used as a medium of expression. Visual arts permit the participants to express their emotions, evoke memories and to self-affirm. Through Haitian cultural rhythms and movements, creative images and oral expression, the participants establish a first contact with their soul.

Expression and Soul Session I & II

Session I
The first session is an introduction to diverse artistic procedures (drawing, collage, painting, rhythms and movements) and proposes experimentational visual techniques and spontaneous drawing.

Session II
Advanced application and follow up of the acquired knowledge in the session I of Expression and Soul

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